Some technical improvements, an even more colourful look for women, number of accessories in steady increase (gadgets for easy diving) and obviously, the diving equipment is getting lighter and lighter and still offering maximum comfort.
Inflation :
Unlimited annual subscription at the shop
1) 1st tank : CHF 180
2) Decreasing price and from the 3rd tank, a tank inflation card (24H/24 – 7d/7) is offered
Tank inflation cards for 50 units are still available at CHF 120 and for 100 units at CHF 220. The station is open 24h/24 – 7d/7.
SCUBA DREAM – the dreams…. more than 20 years of professional dedication to the diving world.
We are actively participating each year in the DEMA Show (Diving Equipment Manufacturer Association) a professional show which is held annually in the USA with over 600 exhibitors and from which we are able to gather precious counsels.
All manufacturers and brands are present without exception ; we are unable to give a preference to one brand over another as each one has his own specificity.
Suits / Neoprene
SCUBAPRO has made tremendous efforts with their new line of products ; extremely comfortable suits offering a better fit, elasticity, flexibility, good value for money and a wide range for every morphology.
The suits from MARES ULTRASTRETCH TRILASTIC offers degressive thicknesses depending on the joints, frictions and for a supreme comfort but also a rapid and easy donning of the suit.
For swimming, there is a superb range of products available from CAMARO and again and again the EXCEL suits for maximum extensibility.
Some vendors shall market soon a new line of weights without lead ! This will be done in replacement of the existing range of weights and certain vendors will stop the manufacture of lead-weights in 2010 because of pollution concerns. These new weights are based on cast-iron, zinc anti-corrosion treated and then covered with a 3mm thick layer of waterproof soft plastic giving a finish well above the former lead-weights and the buckle weight (a new system) replaces the weight keepers.
Corrective lenses
Optical lenses from DIVEOPTX, in plastic, self-adhesive, re-usable, from +1 to +3 (are also used on sunglasses), The wide range from MARES, BEUCHAT or OCEANIC vary from -10 to sometimes +5
New 2nd stage A700 from SCUBAPRO, a unique artistic realization, unequalled and unbeatable breathing performance, is offered with the new chrome-plated MK17 & MK25.
F.M.S. (FINS/Mask/Snorkel)
The adjustable Twin Jet Max from SCUBAPRO is appreciated by all, it delivers maximum power for minimum effort with a spring-strap for easy donning.
The super range from MARES includes in particular the model EXCEL : flexible and comfortable slipper, patent OPB (Optimized Pivoting Blade) ensures that the blade is always in optimal angle during both the upward and downward strokes giving considerably increased efficiency.
The high-performance fins from AQUALUNG (Slingshot).
The mask VIEWMAX is available in two versions : dual or single glass, small volume and wide field of view or the mask OCEANIC.
The adapted series fins-mask-snorkel from SEAC
Range of computers
Plenty of novelties from SCUBAPRO, UWATEC, SUUNTO (through AQUA-LUNG, importer in Europe)
Range of headlights
The new headlights from LIGHT & MOTION are very powerful even without accumulator, also available with batteries.
BC’s (Buoyancy Compensators)
BC’s are getting lighter and lighter and well adapted to the morphology of the diver (children, women)
Personalized gadgetery with the SCUBA DREAM logo : bag for regulator, neoprene straps, logbook and various other items such as underwater frisbees or torpedos, aquatic MP3, equipment for children (licras long or short sleeves, slippers, gloves, suits, shorty etc.)