More than 30 years ago, certain means and information were not or little known. Researched allowed a very large development of diving equipment. Based on statistics carried out during child dives, the main negative points identified are : the cold, the equipment and sometimes the ears. As it had been said previously, the quipment used for children-dives is an overriding criterion towards adapation and confidence of the student. The equipment must be of good quality and adapt to their morphology. For several years, The emergence of the FMS (fins, mask, snorkel) available in various stores, results in the fact that many children come strictly speaking with unsuitable diving equipment : fins giving blister or too-long fins provoking backaches and breathlessness, masks taking water or building-up condensation, mask- and fin straps breaking at the first course, snorkels with too large (or too small) end-pieces or diameter, old. Too large « familiy » suits causing discomfort and insecurity.

Mandatory equipment to take the « Wednesday » sports day activity, organized by the SPORTS AND LEISURE SERVICES of the City of Geneva and AQUA DIVING or when you take courses at the Thônex swimming pool. This is also possible for private courses at your home. FMS mandadory from the 2nd course!

Fins, slipper- or open heel (adjustable) fins must be of the right size in order to avoid injuries, they must not be too long or too stiff.

Slipper fins : from CHF 30

Open heel (adjustable) : from CHF 40 to CHD 240 (important if the child continues scuba diving / snorkeling in a natural environment)

The mask is made of silicone and must be well adapted to the face of the child (to match the contour of the child’s face) and must be of tempered gass (to avoid breakage when falling down). Silicone straps (which will not break during the first course !), The mask should facilitate « nose pinching » in order to avoid ear problems when diving / diving in apnea from the depth of 1 meter. CHF 25 to CHF 150.

The snorkel : with a small and nice mouthpiece (well adapted to the mouth of the child), with a diameter and length suitable to the age of the child (to avoid breathlessness). CHF 8 to CHF 99

Recommended :

Slippers and gloves (in particular for dives in a natural environment), wet suit or shorty are important elements. Its use is necessary to combat the cold to which children are very sensitive, whether it is in a swimming pool or in a warm natural environment. This is maybe an important investment, but if done judiciously, il will encourage your child to practice his diving activities with pleasure and better ease. Shorty CHF 50 to CHF 150, wet suits (one or two pieces) : approximately CHF 200

More the child is growing, the more the range of equipment is expanding, but remember. NO DO IT YOURSELF or use adult equipment. The staff responsible for the courses are able to advise.


For information :

Equipment that will be brought to the course (provided by the diving center AQUA DIVING)

Tanks, associated to the above, will allow free breathing (autonomy) but also a factor of equilibrium. There are tanks of various capacities, even very small ones, placed on the instructor’depending of the age and morphology of the child (3, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 10l). The tanks are sometimes placed at the edge of the swimming pool with regulators hanging in the water, by doing so the child can effect a dive without any tanks on his back. A so-called « hookah » (regulator with a long hose mounted on the instructor’s tank) can be considered. The child can also be equipped with a harness.. Price : approx. CHF 500

The regulator shall be equipped with an adapted mouthpiece, it shall possibly be somewhat lighter and can be adjusted to be more flexible to facilitate breathing. Price : approx. CHF 300 to CHF 600 with pressure gauge.

The BC, an item of comfort and security : Price : approx. CHF 300 to CHF 500