Dear divers, a new season is beginning soon…

The team takes the opportunity to remind you that SCUBA DREAM is not only a diving store where you find all you need for your most beautiful bubbles (fins, masks, snorkels, suits, BC’s, tanks, regulators, computers etc) but also an approved scuba diving center for revisions of your regulator, tank etc and offering a tank inflation station available 24h/24 – 7d/7.

SCUBA DREAM is committed to carry-out a quality work to ensure total security and to provide you with best advice thanks to the professionalism of our team.

Did you buy or revise your regulator for more than a year ? It is time to revise it again. See bottom of page !

Supplier’s recommendation for warranty : annual revision by an authorized agent.

It is always better to have your equipment in top conditions before your first dive of the year. There is the tendency to minimize the dangers : 1st stage-leakings of your regulator, 2nd stage incorrectly adjusted or defective or a worn-out flexible hose.

Revision of your diving equipment does not only apply to regulators, but also to other equipments :

  • Test your BC (nobody is immune to a leaking valve or a defective O-ring of the » direct system »
  • Test your computer (battery)
  • Check your tank (a revision is mandatory, generally every 2 year by SVTI ASIT – formerly EMPA

If you have not done it yet, please do not forget to let us have a list of your diving equipment indicating for example:

  • Serial Nos.
  • Size (slippers, fins, suits.. )
  • Model & Brand
  • Degree of correction of your corrective lenses
  • Etc etc

By presenting this voucher (please print !), you are benefitting from the following advantages :

  • An exceptional discount of CHF 20 / ˆ12 on the annual revision of your regulator and/or tank
  • Small rescue kit, seal, O-ring, clip offered by SCUBA DREAM
  • A discount of 10% on purchase of a new regulator

SCUBA DREAM is the center of deposit in Geneva for SVTI/ASIT (formerly EMPA) and works directly with this national technical service – no intermediary – faster !
Delay : approximately 10 days
Departure : Monday-Thuesday from the SCUBA DREAM store (pick-up at your home is possible)
Price : only CHF 110 (transportation costs included)
French tanks are also welcome !
Prices for equipment and courses are available upon request

Dear divers owners of tanks,

We can’t be too careful and it is our duty to inform/remind you of some few safety instructions : annual revisions of your diving equipment (regulator, BC, battery check of your computer) is one thing, but do not forget the mandatory control of your tank by SVTI/ASIT every two years ; in fact the maturity date is stamped on your tank.

New engraved SVTI/ASIT-stamp :

Year/month of control
Next control
Year/month of control
Next control

The revision/control of the tanks is effected in Wallisellen (Swiss-German part of Switzerland) and consists of a visual test, hydrostatic control, external and internal control, cleaning of the tank as deemed necessary.

SCUBA DREAM will carry-out a revision of the valves and sometimes an external/internal cleaning before shipping.

For your information : in case of a diving accident, please be aware that the insurer and police will check in the first place if the diving equipment (tank, regulator, BC, computer etc) is in compliance with existing rules and standards. In any event, it’s for YOUR safety and YOUR comfort.