Unlimited annual subscription at Scuba starting from CHF 180 for the first tank (decreasing depending on the number of tanks, then an « inflation card » 24H/24 is offered.

Prices for the magnetic inflation cards are as follows :
Card for 50 units : CHF 120 – Card for 100 units : CHF 220

These cards are also available at the following addresses :

– Magasin Nautique SEICHE SA, Rue du 31 Décembre, 1207 Genève
– Au News Cafe/Naville, Centre de la Migros, Route de Thonon, 1222 Vésenaz
Tél. 022 855 08 83

Attention :

Even if you have already signed a Tank Filling Contract, you are requested to re-sign a new contract if you purchase the inflation cards at one of the above mentioned outlets.

Before the first use of the tank re-filling station, each diver must undergo, at least once, an explanation session provided by the Scuba staff.


The use of the tank re-filling station is only permitted to those having signed a current tank re-filling contract.


    1) Gently install the filling hose on your tank (INT)
    2) Insert your card into the card-reader. The number of remaining units shall be displayed on the dial.
    3) Open the valve of your tank (only after having inserted your card!)

    4) Once your pressure gauge indicates the remaining pressure of your tank, press the OK-button (green button) during 2 seconds. The compressor gets started

    5) You may stop the re-filling process at your discretion but no more than max. 220 bar
    6) Close the valve of your tank

    7) Press the OK-button (green button) until the end of the purge (The needle of your pressure gauge is descending)

    8) Important: before removing the hose, please wait for the return of your card because as long as the card has not been returned, there is still some pressure in the system (safety issue)

    9) Remove and store the hose in its compartment

In the event of a failure, please call the number listed on the door of the hose compartment. We shall take care of the failure as quickly as possible.

(easily re-enable this button by turning it, for the next user)