Hello everyone,


Here are some few news after the great evening of March 9,

After 10 years of preparation for the organization of this « fiesta » (yes, just after my 30 years !) I would like to thank you all for this wonderful evening. A hundred people have been able to attend, to relax and to watch the photos on the large screen or to dance to the music of our super-singer Claude of CS-MUSIC.

The display of photo-souvenirs showing dives, trips, parties, evenings with former pupils has well animated the party hall, and again many thanks for all those who came from far away (Annecy, Zurich, Ticino, Nice, Toulon and even from London).

The party did almost not take place because of a strange story of a key (anectode which shall be told when I am 50, Saturday 5, 2022 !). Thanks to the valuable help of Kiko, Paul, Diane, Heike, Eric and many others, the party was a great success.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the depth of my heart for all your gifts and above all for your kind presence. Furthermore a link has been created where you are able to consult many photos-souvenirs(all other photos-souvenirs are available at your diving center SCUBA DREAM)

I also take this occasion to remind you the date of the GENEVA LAKE CLEAN-UP where we shall, like every year, party and enjoy the tasty fondue in the evening at the « Bain des Pâquis ». where everyone is invited. Mark the date : Sunday September 16, 2012

Please feel free to come and see me at the diving center to view the photos and films made at the evening (with a glass of friendship !). For former students or classmates who can’t remember where I am located : next to the Riding School – La Pallanterie – behind the Police Station, La Capite, Vésenaz-Collonge Bellerive and inside the boatyard of PSAROFAGHIS, PNEUS CLAUDE.

See you soon
Patty and the Dream’s

INVITATION (schedule as per invitation)
Meeting : Friday March 9, 2012 – Village Hall – Meinier
Patty Moll, born on the 9th of March 1972 – 40 years later !
She hasn’t changed and is still pretty active
Do not miss this mythical date

20 years ago, creation of AQUA DIVING, then AQUA DREAM Sàrl, then SCUBA DIVING Sàrl and finally TRAVELDREAM.

Former members and pupils are welcome to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the diving center.

Since 10 years, 15 years, 20 years or even more, all students/pupils/classmate are meeting (School BELVEDERE, Chêne-Bougeries, cycle LA GRADELLE, Ecole Superieure de Commerce)

Hoping that many of my former students/pupils/classmates are able to attend.

And Patty -she is celebrating her 40th spring – there will be beautiful weather.

Book now, we will have a real good time.
March 9, 2012 – Friday among friends, a great moment among adults and an unforgettable and memorable evening, happiness and good mood.
Do you want to make a gift ? Don’t waste your time !

There will be a kitty at the entrance. Zut ! She would like to make a hilarious trip
But her best gift is YOUR PRESENCE, just to see you – just great !

Information and confirmation :
Please before February 20, 2012
Patty or Florent : 0041 79 606 25 06 from 1pm or info@scuba-dream.ch;
At the entrace, there will be a name-/first name check, photo-souvenir and list of paticipants.

PS : If I have omitted to invite someone, please accept my excuses. She or he should just call me to get registered, Thanks for comprehension.