Hello, My name is Patty Moll and I am born in Geneva, I am diving since 1987 with currently more than 5000 dives, PADI instructor 2* – DAN in various specialities, first aid, trainer and coach « Youth & Sport », swimming instructor, rescue.

I live from my diving activities since 1992 and my passion in water is mainly underwater photography (video) and writing articles. I manage the shop with Anthony and the diving center with Yann and Anthony, our course director.

The diving world is sometimes a world of sharks (I love sharks !) so yes I do my best to learn and and increase my knowledge in this area at all levels : TRIMIX dives, NITROX instructor, recycling dives, training instruction CMAS, FSSS and FFESSM, member of the technical commission of children diving, participation in seminars all over the world. I recommend to all professionals to attend the DEMA SHOW (about 600 exhibitors), the largest professional show in the USA, in which I actively participate every year.

Otherwise, apart from diving, my hobbies are : children coaching, summer camps for children and adolescents, lake cleaning, coaching, ski and monoski activities, travel. I am not only speedy at work but my passion is also speed skiing and I enjoy this wonderful life and found happiness in this sports activity.

My performances :
175 km/h in production category (2nd position – world cup 2005 Les Arcs on short skis)
145 km/h on monoski (world record in 2003)
203 km/h Elite Pro category (world cup 2006 and 2007)

Set apart of going fast, I take my time to discuss with my friends of the sports world, to travel and work as a reporter around the world.


Hello, My name is Patrice Mouthon

After having fabricated skis, monoskis and surfboards over 20 years while participating in monoski speed skiing competitions, I am now in the scuba diving business. I am a PADI assistant instructor, Emergency First Response instructor (first aid), and children diving instructor CMAS. During the school year, I often assist instructors in children diving introductions as part of sports activities of the « WEDNESDAY SPORTS DAY » (every Wednesday morning), headed by the Leisure and Sports Services of the City of Geneva.

I like nature and participate actively in the annual Geneva Lake clean-up. Also, I am a technician responsible for the revisions of diving equipment and replaces the shop management since 2007. In agreement with Patty, I have also another job at my home of residence.

I’ve been working in diving with Patty for more than 15 years.


Hello, My name is Chulani Amakaroon, but in the store they call me Schoumi (making probably reference to Michael Schumacher ?). I am 42 years old, a technician specialized on the BAUER compressors and an engineer in AUDI and VW engines. I am a Swiss citizen, native from Sri Lanka.

I love drawings of all kinds concerning technical aspects, in fact I am also a precision mechanics and design engines and automatic gear boxes.

I am called in by the center whenever a diver has « mishandled » the inflation station ! and I am in charge to « heal » the failure. Therefore please be nice to the station and handle it with care. It’s great to have a tank inflation station available 24h/24 on 7d/7 in good shape. Thank you

NB : Just in case you need a good mechanic for cars (all brands), please do not hesitate and call me on +41 79 310 06 69


Hello,I am Bouzouk, a speedy gonzalez hunting dog (Braque de Weimar) ! Don’t be afraid when you come to the diving center – I won’t bite – I am very very nice !.
I am a good swimmer and love the water but I am no longer allowed to « fall » into private swimming pools when instructors are conducting diving courses. (tough luck for me). I also love mountains and my mistress Patty.

I am no longer of this world for a few years now and was replaced by a new dog named Bashi. My other name is Bouzouk and I am very active and I guard the store. But I do not bite!

The team of instructors assistants are complemented by an active team. Most of them are with us for over 5 years :
Jérome Chevallier, Cédric Levassor, Claude Mumenthaler, Stephan Lequin, John Donnély and others.