A series of diving certificates contain an expiration date (System CMAS, FSSS). This limitation has now been removed and the new certificates do no longer show a deadline. To renew your certificates, you need to come to our diving center together with a photocopy of your expired certificate mentionning on the copy your full name, date of birth and your complete address.

For any lost PADI certificates, you also need to come to our diving center with your passport photography. We will then undertake the necessary research with PADI and you will have to fill-in a PADI PIC (Positive Identification Card) Certification Progressing Form. It takes about 2 weeks to receive a new certificate from PADI.

Depending on the association or federation, the cost for a new certificate is about CHF 30 to CHF 80.

You may also come to our diving center to register your PADI or CMAS certification number or the date of your certificate, so that in the event of loss or oversight abroad we might be able to help you.
We are always at your disposal to allow you to dive safely with recognized certificates.

The Scuba Dream Team